Block 3,000,000

We are almost to our 3 millionth block! Weeee.   Let’s take a minute and look at a few stats.

The chain is 863 days old. Which means we should be at block 2,500,000. We are a bit ahead of the target.  Something to look at and decide if it there is a need for an adjustment.

If HBN were Proof of Work the total HBN would be 15,000,000.  As it is with our combined PoW/PoS we are at 16,900,000.  Not to bad there.

The inflation rate is staying fairly low thanks to the 250 PoS cap and the degrading PoS rate over difficulty. Over the last 6 months the yearly PoS stake percentage has been in the 95-85% range.  Still very generous and a great incentive to stake away!

That’s all for now!

HoboNickels Version 1.5 Released

The newest version of HBN has officially been released on Nov 12, 2014. As of writing this the network adoption rate is around 50%. All users are required to update by Jan 15, 2015. So a little over 1 month from now.

For more information about the newest version,  including upgrade instructions and new functionality please visit our forum site here: HoboNickels  @ CCT

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